Create a website with your vision.

We design responsive websites out of the box, a responsively designed site will automatically resize and fit any screen resolution whether it’s a mobile device, tablet or computer. In the age of information, it is said that roughly 56 percent of consumer traffic to the leading websites is now from mobile devices making it a necessary requirement to have your website mobile-friendly. It is significantly harder to navigate a website that is not responsively designed which could impact traffic that could be converted into sales.

Define Goal

Perhaps you’re thinking of building your company website and don’t know where to start, or simply need a website upgrade. Whichever stage you’re at, black fig can collaborate with you to achieve a web design, and assist you in achieving your marketing goals to help drive your business outcomes.

Design & Develop

The next step is to create your website. We will create an obligation free proof of concept home page design, and provide 2 additional designs to ensure you get what you want. We will implement the web design, help you determine the look and feel you’re after, as well as integrate an optimised copy for SEO and even add a store if you like. All you need to do is manage your new source of lead generation.


Once we reach go live, you will be managing your own site and there will be no ongoing maintenance fees. We will provide a video tutorial guide to help you make your own minor changes if needed. Black Fig websites are timeless and modern ensuring minimal changes needed for years.